Call to engage a Consultant to Design a Media Viability Consultancy Sustainability Plan

TMF has been working with DW Akademie on enhancing media viability in Tanzania since 2020. Under the media viability project, TMF is determined to transform the media sector. During that period, TMF through its media viability consultants has supported a total of 21 small to medium sized media houses in Tanzania. The consultants have supported media houses to establish and strengthen their internal systems in the areas of business and finance, innovation and technology, legal and political frameworks, human resource management and journalistic and media content. This was done through development of business plans and strategies, digital business models, gender and editorial policies, human resource manuals and so on.

With the contract with DW Akademie expected to run out in March 2023, the sustainability of consultants is in question after that period. TMF therefore seeks to engage a consultant to develop a clear, feasible sustainability plan for the Media Viability Consultants in order for TMF to sustainably continue supporting the media
sector through media viability consultancy.

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