Register to join TMF Media Viability – Media Institutions Network.

TMF works with media institutions to level up their viability by strengthening their governance structures, business models and financial management structures and systems, establishing and strengthening their innovation and technology systems, and improving quality and quantity of media content through in-house nurturing.

From 2022 onwards TMF is building a network of media institutions (traditional and new media) who will closely work with TMF in its media viability projects in different capacities and relations (as partners, beneficiaries, supporters and friends). Once in a network an institution or media outlet has direct and quick access to media viability related opportunities (from TMF and its partners and donors) and considered first once opportunities arise.

Are you a registered and active media outlet (Television, Radio, Newspaper, Online media)? Are you interested to work with TMF in its efforts to promote Media Viability in Tanzania? If the answer is yes, please register in TMF Media Viability – Media Institutions Network.

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