Media for public good


We will support, stimulate and collaborate in the production of high-quality public interest content as well as make sure that members of the public in different parts of the country and at different levels have the capacity to use and benefit from media.

We will focus on facilitating coverage of stories from rural communities because rural voices are underrepresented and often not given agency with respect to their representation. We will ensure that journalism content generated through our work aligns with audience interests, national development priorities, the sustainable development goals and has strategic value by identifying a set of thematic areas4 to consistently support and improve coverage during the 2020 to 2023 period so that it is possible to measure media impact in promoting accountability in those areas. We will promote the acquisition of fact-checking, investigative, and data journalism skills by journalists and audience engagement through enhanced media literacy (particularly at a local level), research, and understanding of critical issues such as gender and how these affect the media. We will monitor selected media sector trends and convene media sector actors to discuss how to address them. We will also help the public become more confident and able to navigate the multiple sources of information out there, identifying the ones most meaningful to them.