Tanzania Media Foundation

Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF), formerly Tanzania Media Fund, stands for an independent, quality, diverse and vibrant media in Tanzania by enabling investigative and public interest journalism and facilitating critical reflection and learning. Our vision is of a strong and independent media sector promoting accountability.

Through our funding and learning activities, we seek to support quality journalism that better informs the public, contributes to debate and thereby increases public demand for greater accountability across Tanzania. We focus on investigative journalism and public interest journalism.

Investigative journalism involves uncovering the truth through in-depth research that otherwise would not become known. It involves careful fact finding, checking with different sources, analysis and good writing. Public interest journalism involves quality and thorough research on a topic that is of great importance or concern to ordinary people, particularly those who are poor or marginalised.

TMF offers individual journalists and media institutions the following:

  • A competitive grant-making facility for individuals and institutions involved in media production (print, television, radio and new media). Rural coverage and gender equity are important, but not exclusive, focus areas.
  • A tailor-made learning support for grantees through creating ideas, coaching, learning-by-doing, mentorship and networking.

Our Partners
Tanzania Media Foundation partners include:

Our Budget
The total strategic budget for 2015 to 2018 is approximately USD13.5 million. TMF will however annually review and adjust this budget.