The rural dispatch grant is a 3 month grant offered annually to 60 journalists. In 2017, TMF will offer the grant in two batches of 24 and 36 journalists respectively, with the first beginning in June and the second in July. 

Of the first batch of 24 journalists contracted 13 are male and 11 are female (a second group of 36 journalists will benefit from the rural dispatch grant from July; more details on this group will follow in July). Of the 24 journalists identified, in line with TMF’s commitment to build the capacity of journalists across the country, only four are from Dar es Salaam; the remaining 20 are from 15 other regions across Tanzania.

Thematically, they will produce investigative and public interest stories on rural concerns; mainly education and health but also water, tourism, oil and gas, child labour and human rights. Over a period of three months, each grantee will be mentored and supported to generate an investigative story series of at least four parts. In total, we expect 96 distinct media outputs in print and electronic media over the next three months from this group of 24 journalists.


 2017-Rural Dispatch grantees by media type

2017-Rural Dispatch grantees by region