Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF) in collaboration with the European Journalism Centre (EJC), an independent, international, non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting the highest standards in journalism, conducted a three-days Data Journalism Training of Trainers Programme to strengthen the capacity of TMF-formers trainees of Data Journalism in 2016, so as they can be trainers of Data Journalism.

The training took place from 17 July to 19 July 2017.

Are you are a journalist, media owner, editor, independent producer or working with an organisation that is looking for media partners? Outreach is an opportunity to connect with TMF officers and hear more about our products. See the schedule below to find out when we will be in your town or city; time and venue will also be communicated to your local press club leaders:

Dar es Salaam: 25 and 26 February
Mtwara: 29 February
Singida: 1 March

Dodoma and Tabora: 3 March
Iringa and Mwanza: 5 March
Bukoba: 7 March
Sumbawanga: 8 March

Arusha and Mbeya: 10 March
Songea: 12 March

Kigoma: 15 March

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Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF) in collaboration with the Editors’ Forum and Media Owners Association of Tanzania would like to invite media owners, editors, senior and veteran journalists as well as independent producers based in Dar es Salaam to an outreach meeting, to take place on 25 February 2016. The meeting include special audience with the Minister of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Nape Nauye and Irish Ambassador to Tanzania, Fionnuala Gilsenan.

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TMF’s lead donor, SDC, is looking for an external reviewer to assess the performance of TMF. The overall objective of the review is to assess the performance of the project as it reaches the completion of phase two (May 2015) in order to determine its relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability as well as draw lessons that will inform TMF’s future strategy.

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TMF believes that good quality journalism and an independent media contribute to an increase in domestic accountability through creating an informed public. In order to find out more about the current public opinion about the media in Tanzania, TMF commissioned a media public perception survey in the last quarter of 2012. The survey questioned 2000 ordinary citizens and 200 community decision makers about their perceptions of the media.

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Late 2013 TMF commissioned Synovate to carry out an audience survey. The survey itself was done between November 2013 and January 2014. The audience survey looked at the performance of various TMF grantees, as well as views of the public on media and accountability in general. The grantee-specific results of the audience survey are shared with TMF’s grantees so that they can use this information to improve their programming and reach a broader audience. The audience survey forms part of TMF’s monitoring and evaluation framework, and is used by TMF to measure the performance of its grantees and learn lessons for the future. The public section of the report is published here.

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Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF) organized a media learning event to strengthen journalists’ capacity in an exciting way of doing data and digital journalism in the digital era.

The learning event was  held on 23/10/2017 2017 at Zanzibar Beach Resort, from 08:30AM – to 16:00 PM. 27 participants were trained on;


How to pitch idea for investigative story?

-Discovering hypothesis

-How hypothesis work during investigative journalism work

-Organizing resources for testing and verifying the hypothesis

-Data and information collection for investigative story

-Drafting, publishing and defending the investigative story.


Data journalism for Zanzibar tourism industry 

-Introduction to data journalism

-Analyzing and visualizing sample data on tourism industry