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For media practitioners to be credible and effective, they must work according to high journalistic standards. TMF seeks to encourage and support journalists as they learn and integrate these standards into their work, particularly in the pursuit of investigative and public interest stories. This applies to both individual and institutional grantees, and to some extent other media actors.


Ideation is the first step in the TMF learning chain. It provides an opportunity for journalists to pitch ideas to TMF mentors and get further guidance on how to develop their ideas into stories.


All rural dispatch and fellowship grantees are assigned a personal mentor while he or she works on the TMF-funded story. The intense engagement of a mentor aims to not only ensure high quality of work, but also to allow the journalist to learn and benefit from an experienced hand in the field. The mentor helps the grantee to reflect on their development during the grant period and on the achievements afterwards. Mentorship is done face-to-face, on email and by phone.

Institutional grantees also have the opportunity of working with a mentor. For institutional grantees, the mentor could focus on content or is someone experienced in media management, who will help them as they develop their projects, focussing as needed on conceptual input and providing feedback when necessary. TMF will also, when necessary, link institutional grantees with experts who can help enhance their work. This intensive engagement between grantees, mentors and experts is key to producing high quality journalism among TMFs institutional grantees.

Master Classes

As part of its continued commitment to build on and improve the capacity of media practitioners in Tanzania, TMF will host a number of lectures where media experts will run sessions with media actors. The objective of these sessions is to catalyse debate and introduce new and innovative developments in journalism. Master classes will focus on different disciplines of the media industry. The objective is to create space where journalists and media actors can learn from each other and benefit from the wisdom of accomplished practitioners of their specific areas of journalism. We will publish any upcoming masterclasses on our website.

Short Courses

TMF intends to offer a number of short courses to individual journalists in Tanzania. Courses offered in 2017 will focus on strengthening investigative and public journalism as well as data, online and new media journalism,  entrepreneurial journalism and multimedia reporting. We will publish any upcoming short courses on our website.

Our new 2018 learning activities will also include opportunities for our grants alumni.