By July 2017, TMF had commissioned 60 new rural dispatch projects. The projects were selected out of a total of 141 applications received in March/April 2017 and which all went through the ideation process. 37 out of the 60 grant recipients are getting a TMF grant for the first time. Each rural dispatch grant is valued at Sh4 million and the grantees have been contracted for a three-month period. All of them have submitted their final reports and media products in October and November 2017. 48 grantees out of 60 claimed impacts after publishing their stories. We have compiled  top 10 claimed impacts for you.


Peace Damian

Kasibante FM,Kagera

Peace was investigating how human activities have affected the traditional water sources of the green zone area in Bukoba Municipality, and causing more than 20,000 residents from 7 wards who entirely depended on source, to run shortage of water". Preliminary research conducted by Peace show that Bukoba which has 300,000 residents only 50,000 receive water from BUWASA, but the rest of the population depend on other source such as the green zone. On October 2017, Bukoba water supply and sanitation authority (BUWASA), repaired a device at Kashura, for a long period of time dwellers of Kitendagulo and Rwamishenyi experience the shortage of water. The decision to repair the device was reached after the Bukoba council  notice that Peace is conducting the investigative story.


Hawa Haliffa

Sunraise Radio FM,Arusha

Hawa was investigating on why water shortage is still a problem and affecting many villages in Monduli District. After Hawa broadcasted her programs, on 18 October 2017, the Monduli-District Executive Director (DED) sent an experts-task force to initiate the process of drilling the water wells at Mbuyuni village. The DED has confirmed that process drilling has already started and is expected to be completed early 2018.

Benigna France

Radio Habari Njema FM,Manyara

Benigna was investigate on why truancy in primary schools with no mid-day meal is very high in Mbulu district" According to preliminary research conducted by Benigna, 70 percent of students in primary schools do not get mid-day meals. The problem has affected also the  performance in classes, Benigna did her research from Sanubary and Bashay primary schools which are in Dyomati ward. After broadcasting her programs, Mbulu education Officer (Modest Matle) order all heads of primary schools to start providing mid-day meals for pupils. On the other hand, the District Executive Director (Anna Mbogo), held a meeting with the heads of schools and order them to provide meals for pupils. On 9 October 2017, the Mbulu-member of parliament and water-engineer visited Qamara primary school to initiate the process of drilling the water well at the school.

Herieth Makweta

Mwananchi Communications,Dar es salaam

The investigating story by Herieth Makweta, has resulted Kinyeto health centre,Singida to receive medicine and family planning services from Medical Stores Department (MSD). Centre’s supervisor doctor Joyce Temu has confirmed to receive medicine from the MSD. The echoes of the stories have reached NGOs and act as a catalyst for NGOs to provide awareness on family planning in Kinyeto Village. 


 Aidan Mhando

Raia Tanzania,Mwanza

Aidan was Investigating on how lack of education budget affects education development in Ukerewe. Ukerewe district was only disbursed with 32% of the allocated budget. As a result, 11 primary schools were closed down following the lack of pit latrines, leaving 5,000 pupils without attending their school lessons. On October 30, 2017 Mwanza-Education regional officer held a meeting with Ukerewe education office to set the strategies of ensuring schools have enough toilets. After publishing his stories, the Mwanza regional Commissioner called to Aidan and informing him that he has ordered all schools to build toilets.

Charles Method

Habari Maalum FM,Manyara

Method Charles from Habari Maalum FM-Manyara, has reported that after interviewing the Director of Simanjiro district, on “Misuse of public funds Tsh 500,000,000 from investors at Loibosiret Simanjiro- Manyara. The Council has started to build students dormitory at loibosiret under the supervision of Director of Simanjiro district.

Mary Mwaisenye

Mwananchi Communications,Mbeya

Mary Mwaisenye (Mwananchi, Mbeya), has reported that after her stories on “children working in mines who have been affected by chemicals”. Chunya district council has formed a special committee to provide education and awareness on children rights in Chunya. The committee has been effective since 28/8/2017.


Nuzulack Dausan

Mwananchi Communications,Dar es Salaam

On September 25, 2017, just a week before the publication of the first article on October 02, Namikango A Village Executive Officer, Wilfred Maolo told Nuzulack in a follow that water services had already started at Namikango ward after rehabilitation of the engine and water pump. Water service restoration was quicken following Nuzulack’s visit to the village and found the villagers had no clean and safe water for year due to the breakdown of the machine and the water pump. Also, water management is under a newly formed Community Owned Water Supply

Christopher Gamaina

Raia Mwema,Geita

Christopher’s stories published in Raia Mwema Newspaper, led the Government to give Tshs 21 Million to Buchosa district council in Mwanza for the purpose of constructing boat for combating illegal fishing along Victoria shores in Buchosa district. District Executive Director of Buchosa (Mr.Christian Luanda) has confirmed Songoro Marine company has won the tender to construct the boat. Few days after the publication of stories, the Buchosa-government conducted operation of finding the people involved with illegal fishing in Buchosa, the operations was very fruitful since 16 tons of fishing with the worthy of 92 Million was captured

Moshi Ndugulile

Radio Faraja FM,Shinyanga

investigate on why so many people living with HIV in Ushetu and Kahama Councils do not want to receive health service from CTCs near they live, instead they walk long distance in search for medication.Shinyanga Regional-Medical Doctor Amos Mwenda, has taken the action of delivering septrine tablets to Tinde health centre. Spetrine tablets are used by people living with HIV. The health centre-management held a meeting with staff to strategize the health services for people living with HIV infections.


By July 2017, TMF had commissioned 60 new rural dispatch projects. The projects were selected out of a total of 141 applications received in March/April 2017 and which all went through the ideation process. 37 out of the 60 grant recipients are getting a TMF grant for the first time. Each rural dispatch grant is valued at Sh4 million and the grantees have been contracted for a three-month period. All of them have submitted their final reports and media products in October and November 2017. 48 grantees out of 60 claimed impacts after publishing their stories. We have compiled  top 10 impacts for you; 

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Halima Shariff


The Johns Hopkins University – Centre for Communications Programs

Halima Shariff is the Chairperson of the TMF Board of Directors. She is an accomplished media and communication specialist with more than 30 years of national and international media experience in both print and broadcast. Shariff holds diplomas in journalism and mass communications from Tanzania School of Journalism and Belgrade International Institute of Journalism and a Master of Journalism form Carleton University.

John Ulanga

Country Director

Trademark East Africa

John Ulanga has vast experience in grants management, gained from his work as the first executive director of the Foundation for Civil Society as well as his involvement in several grantmaker associations including the East African Association of Grantmakers (EAAG), the Association of Grantmakers and Philanthropic Institutions in East Africa, the Board of African Grantmakers Network (AGN) and the Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS). Ulanga, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Management (accounting major) from the University of Dar es Salaam, and an Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA - Tanzania). He is a Fellow of the African Leadership Initiative, East Africa and the Aspen Global Leadership Network of the Aspen Institute in Colorado, USA and has been on the Board of several companies and civil society organisations in Tanzania.

Athanasia Aloyce Soka

Advocate and independent legal consultant

Athanasia Aloyce Soka was on the TMF project’s Grant Selection Committee between 2012 and 2015. She has a background in law, particularly in relation to human rights and litigation. Soka’s experience includes court litigation, of both civil and criminal cases, commercial and company law matters, labour laws and contract negotiation. In the past, Soka has been part of the Foundation for Civil Society’s Selection Committee. She holds a Bachelor of Laws, (LLB) from the University of Dar es Salaam and a Masters in Law (LLM) from the University of Zimbabwe. She is a member of several professional associations for lawyers and has served on the Boards of civil society organisations such as the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC).

Aidan Eyakuze

Twaweza/Serengeti Advisers Limited

Aidan Eyakuze served on the TMF Advisory Board between 2012 and 2015, prior to which he lead the development of the project’s Phase 2 Strategic Plan (June 2012 – May 2015). Eyakuze has worked closely with TMF since 2010, providing strategic advice, financial management services and supporting the organisation’s networking and public relations drives. He brings to the new TMF Board private sector working experience and professional interest in economic policy, financial markets and emerging trends in information and communications technologies and their impact on society. Previously Associate Regional Director at the Society for International Development (SID), he currently serves on the Boards of at least three public and private sector initiatives and has an MA (Economics) acquired in 1995 from Simon Fraser University and a BSc. Honours (Economics) acquired in 1992 from Trent University.

Prudence Kamugisha Kaijage

owner/managing partner

Capacity Building and Leadership Institute

Prudence Kamugisha Kaijage served in the TMF project’s Grant Selection Committee before he was appointed to join the TMF Advisory Board. He has a background in organisational development and contributed immensely to the envisioning of an independent TMF. Kaijage brings to the Board of Directors over 22 years of development, public and private sector experience. He is well grounded in issues related to capacity development, governance, natural resources management and conservation in East and Southern Africa. He has consulted for over 50 national and international organisations and served on the Boards of several reputable organisations over the past 12 years.

Al-Amin Yusuph

Communications and information


Al-Amin Yusuph is a veteran journalist; he worked with The African for almost seven years (1999 – 2006) and has since then been involved in efforts to strengthen rural and community media with an emphasis on using communications for development. To date, he has supported the design and successful rolling out of eight new rural communications projects in Tanzania, established and successfully launched a TV production facility at Saint Augustine University Tanzania, and piloted journalism training in Seychelles and Zanzibar. He brings to the TMF Board of Directors his extensive experience in and contribution to media industry development in Tanzania, particularly towards the transformation of media for development and social accountability. Yusuph has worked with both international and local non-profits in several African countries. He trained in journalism at Maarifa Media Trust (MAMET) in 1997 and has a Masters in Information Studies from the University of Dar es Salaam (2000).

Fatma M. Alloo

Development/media consultant

Fatma Alloo is a freelance development and media consultant. She has experience in both print and electronic media, having worked as a radio producer in Uganda in the 1970s, then with The Daily News in the 1980s and having been involved in documentary film production. Alloo has been at the forefront of addressing gender and other challenges in the East African media sector. She is one of the founders of Tanzania Media Women's Association (TAMWA), Zanzibar International Film Festival and African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET).

Elieshi Lema (Chairperson)

Executive Director

E & D Vision Publishing Limited

Elieshi Lema was the first Chairperson of the TMF project’s Steering Committee and served in this capacity between 2008 and 2011. She was closely involved in the thinking that led to the formation of the TMF project and participated in setting it up between June and December 2008. This included playing advisory roles during the hiring of senior programme team members. Lema has a BA (Hons) in Literature in English from the University of Dar es Salaam and an M.A. in English (Creative Writing) from San Francisco State University. She also has a diploma in Management for Women Entrepreneurs and a certificate in Library Studies. She has served on the Boards of several African non-profits and led the implementation of projects in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia, including on critical areas such as liaison with the donor community and governments.

Gervas Moshiro

Veteran journalist and media trainer

Gervas Moshiro is a seasoned media trainer. He has vast experience in the electronic media, having worked at the then Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam in various capacities. He was the Principal of the Tanzania School of Journalism before it became the School of Journalism and Mass Communications of the University of Dar es Salaam. A holder of an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota (US), Moshiro was the Vice Chairperson of the TMF project’s Steering Committee (2008-2010) and a member of the Grant Selection Committee (2012 – 2015).

Robert Mihayo

Quality Assurance Coordinator


Robert Mihayo has worked closely with the TMF project since its inception in 2008, initially serving as Vice–Chairperson and subsequently Chairperson of its Grant Selection Committee. Mihayo’s academic background includes qualifications in information science, public administration, international relations and law while his professional background is in media and development. He has previously served as Chief Editor of the Business Times, a business and economic weekly newspaper, and Manager Information Access at HakiElimu, where he also oversaw the production of many of the organisation’s media products. Robert Mihayo

Vicky Ntetema

Regulation and Standards Manager, MCT

Bio coming soon


Fausta Musokwa

Interim Executive Director

Fausta Musokwa has over 12 years of experience in civil society, media and strategic communications work. She has competencies in writing and editing, visual and online communication, advocacy, policy analysis and programme management. Fausta holds an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology and English from the University of Cape Town and a postgraduate degree in Social Development and Communication from the University of Wales.

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Dr George Mwita

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Dr. George N. Mwita holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Strategic Management) from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, as well as a Master of Science in Applied Statistics, a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (statistics) and Computer Science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and a post-graduate diploma in M&E of population, health and development programmes from the University of Nairobi. He has expertise in managing research teams, M&E of programmes including development of M&E plans, M&E methodologies and indicators; undertaking baseline surveys, process, mid-term, and end-term evaluations.

Raziah Quallatein Mwawanga

Senior Content Programme Officer

Raziah Mwawanga holds a Masters of Science in Development Policy and Practice for CSO's from Bradford University and a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies from Kimmage Development Studies Center, Ireland Development Policy and Practice for CSOs from Bradford University. Raziah has 20 years combined media, civil society,Development, Project Management and Grant Making experience. She has worked as a camera person and Television Producer, Gender, Policy and Human Rights advocate and lobbyist with Tanzania Media Women's Association (Tamwa). She has worked on both Individual and institutional grants management portfolios as a programme and learning officer. She is currently in charge of managing institutional grants content production.

Dastan Kamanzi Raphael

Senior Knowledge Management Advisor

Dastan holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from St. Augustine University of Tanzania, and a BA (hons) in Culture and Heritage (Archaeology and Philosophy) from the University of Dar es Salaam. He has over six years’ experience in project management, new media learning facilitation and media content analysis. His skills include proposal writing, capacity building, data analysis and visualization, new media and critical thinking. At TMF, he is responsible for managing all of the organisation’s learning activities, including TMF’s mentorship programme.


 Vicensia Fuko

Senior Programme Officer, Fellowships and Strategic Projects

Vicensia is a lawyer, media activist and expert in the management and coordination of media programmes in data journalism, media law and digital media. She is responsible for managing all aspects of TMF’s annual fellowship as well as developing strategic partnerships aligned with TMF’s goals. Vicensia has over eight years’ experience in management and coordination of media, legal and policy related programmes. She holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) degree in Intellectual Property Law from Stockholm University and a Bachelor in Law (LL.B) from the University of Dar es Salaam.

Baraka Kiranga

ICT and Media Officer

Baraka Kiranga (27 years) is an IT and media expert, he trained more than 100 journalists on data journalism. He pursued a Bachelor degree of Science in Information Technology 2011-2014, At the Institute of Finance Management (IFM), currently he studies masters’ degree in Mass Commutations at St. Augustine University of Tanzania.Five years to come, he defines himself as a media-strategist aligns IT, media with human development in Africa. 

Joyce Jacob

Assistant programmme officer

As assistant programme officer, Joyce is responsible for all programme related administrative work. She has five years of experience in grant administration and is a holder of a business administration certificate from Amazon College, Dar es Salaam. Before moving to the programme department, Joyce worked as a receptionist for the TMF project between 2008 and 2012. Prior to that, she was secretary to the general manager at Protea Courtyard. Joyce has also worked as a nurse at Burhani Health Centre.

Mwita Chegere

Management Accountant

Mwita Chegere, the Management Accountant at TMF, has over eight years of experience in accounting and finance. He has competencies in accounting, finance, management accounting and grants management. Mwita holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Dar es Salaam.

Elizabeth Fernandes Mtui

Human Resource Assistant

Elizabeth Fernandes Mtui, is an Assistant Human Resource and Administration Officer at Tanzania Media Foundation. She has extensive hands-on experience leading Administration and HR initiatives including performance management, recruiting, employee relations, compliance reporting, training and development and benefits administration. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor in Public Administration from Mzumbe University with a major in Public Service Management. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Human Resource Management from the Open University of Tanzania.

Fortunatha Mmari

Senior Grants Monitoring Officer

TMF’s senior grants monitoring officer has over 10 years of experience and competencies in finance, audit and grant management. Fortunatha holds a B.Com Accounting  degree from the University of Dar es Salaam and a postgraduate diploma in tax management from the Institute of Finance and Management in Dar es Salaam.

Alex Kanyambo

Grants Manager

Alex KanyamboBio coming soon

Aurelia Lusasi

Account assistant

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Amani Kija

Grants Administration and Strategic Support Officer

Amani Kija Bio coming soon

Florah Lazaro

Financial Accountant.

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Ally Bukuku

Finance and Investment Manager

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