TMF believes that good quality journalism and an independent media contribute to an increase in domestic accountability through creating an informed public. In order to find out more about the current public opinion about the media in Tanzania, TMF commissioned a media public perception survey in the last quarter of 2012. The survey questioned 2000 ordinary citizens and 200 community decision makers about their perceptions of the media.

Overall,the public feels that the Tanzania’s media sector is growing and improving over time. The media sector is serving a news-hungry public that wants the media to keep those in positions of power accountable. However, the public perception survey also points to perceptions of shortcomings in the media, both in terms of the content it provides to the public and the quality of the services it provides. For example, citizens feel that politics is overrepresented in the Tanzanian media, while they are more interested in stories related to health and education. In terms of quality of the media, people were least positive about the quality of newspapers, followed by television. Radio was most appreciated. Nevertheless, even radio is felt to have ample room for improvement in terms of their professionality and diversity of content.

The findings of the public perception survey serve to guide TMF’s strategy in the coming years, but TMF also encourages others to use this information when planning their media programmes or interventions.

Full Media Public Perception Survey Report.

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