Tanzania Media Fund (TMF) last week collaborated with Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) to host a critical journalism workshop during the Arusha African Film Festival. The workshop, which TMF funded as part of its efforts to promote learning in the media sector, focused on commercial journalism and posed a critical question on balancing sponsor’s expectations with journalistic ethics and responsibility.

“Journalists and media have power. They need to learn how to use it even in contexts in which a sponsor is advertising their products. There does not have to be a compromise on quality and representing people’s issues and concerns,” said TMF Learning Officer, Raziah Mwawanga.

Ten journalists from electronic and print media attended the short course, which was held in Arusha for five days, from 23 to 27 September. They include Juma Mtetwa (TBC 1), Irene Stanley (TV1), Violet Kimwaga (Star TV/RFA) and Jamilah Mohammed (Arusha One), who are all form electronic media. Others were Hassan Bumbuli (Bingwa – New Habari), Lilian Joel (Uhuru), Seif Mangwangi (Jambo Leo), Fr. Privatus Karugendo (Tanzania Daima), Edward Qorro (The Citizen) and Imani Mani (The Daily News)

The course was run by three trainers. One was renowned Tanzanian filmmaker (Maangamizi, Mama Tumaini), Professor Martin Mhando. Mhando is currently Associate Professor in Media studies with Murdoch University in Australia and in the past worked for ZIFF for many years.

The other two were Italian filmmaker, Fabrizio Colombo and film maker/critic and Associate Professor Dominica Dipio, from Uganda.

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