David Azaria, a correspondent with the Kiswahili daily Habari Leo (government-owned), got a regional grant to do investigative stories on reports that there were ghost workers at the Sengerema designated district hospital.

His lead story, headlined “Hospital pays monthly salaries to 34 ghost workers”, prompted Mwanza Regional Commissioner Abbas Kandoro to direct Sengerema District Commissioner Elinasi Pallangyo to make an immediate follow-up on the matter and establish whether the story was true.

“it was the journalist (David Azaria) who first brought to light the scandal of payment of ghost workers at Sengerema hospital…….the story was also given prominence during the morning television review of newspapers of the day. Kandoro then directed me to make a follow-up on the matter and ordering that a probe team be formed to that effect,” explained the DC.

“When the probe team finished its work, it was established that there were 54 ghost workers and not just 34 as reported by the journalist. It was a painful revelation seeing that money paid by the Treasury was actually being channelled into the wrong uses by the hospital,” he added.