Mwanza-based ITV journalist Emmanuel Chacha, a TMF grantee, covered the story of the dilapidated Mwisenge Primary School in the environs of Musoma Municipality.  The school is of immense historical significance, as it was there that Father of the Nation Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere had his basic education.

 “As you can see, immediate action was taken after a phone call from Education and Vocational Training Deputy Minister Gaudencia Kabaka, who is also a nominated Member of Parliament on the ruling CCM’s ticket. The minister has also congratulated me on the interesting news I had aired on television,” reported Chacha, adding that many other national figures also gave me a ring on the same soon after.  

The most potent source interviewed was Municipal Academic Officer Nyamwero, the very same former Mwisenge Primary School teacher who had earlier tipped off the journalist on the school’s pathetic situation. When interviewed, Nyamwero said bluntly that, being an activist formerly with the education NGO Haki Elimu, he believed something had to be done about such a big-name school and he himself called the journalist and made a follow-up on the matter together with him.

Commenting on the action taken after the story was aired, Nyamwero said some donors (development partners) showed up. He established rapport with some and hence the renovation of the school. He said there was opposition to his moves from various stakeholders, “but all I cared about was to see the school get the status it deserves for having hosted a national hero”. And now, he added, the Treasury was allocation a whole 250,000,000⁄= for the rehabilitation work – “which are thanks to the impact of media reports that got very far”.