A primary school with only one classroom finally got assistance with which to build more classrooms after journalist Phinias Bashaya published a series of articles in Habari Leo newspaper.

He made a follow-up on the budget normally allocated to schools, his aim being to find out the root cause of the problem. Apart from the abysmally low budgetary allocation to primary schools, he found out that most primary schools in Muleba District recorded the highest examination failure rate in Kagera Region.

The stories run by journalists jolted the relevant authorities and witnessed intervention by ministerial level officials, including physical visits by high-ranking regional and district leaders 

All three primary schools visited during verification in 2010 were then under construction. At Iboma in Chunya District (Mbeya Region) as much as Tsh.15,000,000⁄= has been disbursed and two classrooms were constructed. Construction of two classrooms was completed at Kajure in Muleba District (Kagera Region), with two addition classrooms lined up for construction process – the foundation had been completed. District Education Officer Pastory Kajuna admitted that the school’s capitation grant of Tsh.10,000⁄= per pupil is no longer provided in full as some of Tanzania’s development partners such as Sweden have apparently pulled out. The amount provided now ranges between Tsh.2,000 and Tsh.2,500⁄= per pupil 

At Mwisenge Primary School in Musoma Municipality, (Mara Region), the Treasury allocated Tsh.250,000,000⁄= for rehabilitation works. At least four classrooms were reconstructed at inspection, including those for students with disabilities.